The Great Buddha

Something breath-taking that I was able to photograph on my trip to Japan last year, the Daibutsu or “giant Buddha” at Kōtoku-in in Kamakura.  It was so spiritual and so serene to be in the presence of a daibutsu, this large of a scale.  It was an unexpected, yet truly memorable part of my trip.  Kamakura… Continue reading The Great Buddha

“I will always be an adventurer”

Read the article Why You Should Travel Young.  It’s written well and inspiring! I got hooked when Jeff Goins wrote: One of the young women brought up a question. “Do you think I should go to graduate school or move to Africa?” I don’t think she was talking to me. In fact, I’m pretty sure she… Continue reading “I will always be an adventurer”


One thing’s for sure, I love food, but I do not agree with the mass production that is ever-so-present in our food industry.  Although I haven’t been able to go back onto the pescatarian diet I once lived (I fell completely off that boat on a trip to the east coast; In Philly, I needed… Continue reading Consumerism.

Travel Through Food

Sometimes I wish I could have the wardrobe of others, but then I realize that I EAT all my money away. The perfect flavors upon my palette bring on a better experience for me to enjoy than the perfect outfit. Maybe if I was frugal enough with my eating habits too, I would have been… Continue reading Travel Through Food

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French Soul Food.

With the destination set to San Francisco, “What food shall I eat?” was the top priority on my mind. My sister threw out a place she saw on Food Network that had beignets, Brenda’s French Soul Food.  I immediately googled this restaurant and with 4 stars and over 4000 reviews on Yelp, I figured it… Continue reading French Soul Food.

Salty Air, Chicken & Waffles.

Had to drop a friend off in the early morning hours at the Long Beach Airport. It was so early that Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles wasn’t even open yet, so I decided to kill some time by heading to Redondo Beach. When I moved to California, I thought I would finally be able… Continue reading Salty Air, Chicken & Waffles.