Road Trip | Day 6 No Beer, No Food, Just Trees.

Whenever I travel back to the Pacific Northwest, life gets stripped down. My love for beer and food get placed aside. That little campfire inside me that longs to explore turns into a wild brushfire and I am not content until I am engulfed by trees. Once I am there, I don’t want to leave.… Continue reading Road Trip | Day 6 No Beer, No Food, Just Trees.

To the Ice Caves!

Forget the Batcave, the Ice Caves will be the only thing that comes to mind when you hear the word cave. In the upper left corner of the U.S. lies America’s best kept secret, the Pacific Northwest. Hidden behind the reputation of a supposed 24/7 rainfall lies the abundance of earth’s natural wonders. Just ninety minutes north of… Continue reading To the Ice Caves!


Seattle Great Wheel

Finally back on here after many technical difficulties, amongst others.  I previously posted while in flight to Tokyo; it has not been forgotten.  Expect posts from that trip!  Most recently, I had the privilege of returning to the Pacific Northwest, more specifically, Seattle.  I do miss it.  After living there for four years, a week is hardly enough… Continue reading Revival.