Seattle Great Wheel

Finally back on here after many technical difficulties, amongst others.  I previously posted while in flight to Tokyo; it has not been forgotten.  Expect posts from that trip!  Most recently, I had the privilege of returning to the Pacific Northwest, more specifically, Seattle.  I do miss it.  After living there for four years, a week is hardly enough time for anything.

The Seattle Great Wheel got installed on the pier in downtown Seattle within the year I moved away.  So of course, I had to experience it.  It was pretty neat.  I imagine the ride to be more beautiful on a sunny day!


One thing I was really craving was the spicy ramen from Samurai Noodle.  I had a spicy tsukemen, dipping ramen, before I moved, so this time I got regular ramen.  The Tonkotsu from Hell.  It was so good, but trust me, you might suffer the consequence of eating something that red!


I also took advantage of how close it is to drive up to Vancouver, B.C.  I did not realize how big they are on FOOD!!!!!!!!  If I had all the money in the world, I would have probably strolled down each street and eat at every food establishment I passed.  I did stumble upon Meat & Bread while roaming the Canadian streets around Victory Square.  I’m almost positive I’ve seen them on Food Network because there are not many restaurants dedicated to the simplicity of a sandwich.  My friend and I shared the Porchetta sandwich.  DELICIOUS!  Aside from the food,  I very much enjoyed the architecture and design of  the restaurant; very clean, simple and straight to the point, just like their food.  That was another observation I had, a lot of shops and restaurants had a very clean look, design and good typography in Vancouver.


DSC_0004 copy

I also ate at The Eatery while in Canada, hence why I only ate half a sandwich at Meat & Bread.  I had plans to indulge in Japanese food.  They call themselves, “the funkiest place for Japanese food,” and that they are.  From Astro Boy to creatures from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea to Andy Warhol paintings, the atmosphere of The Eatery will not disappoint.  The sushi was good, I had the Bob Marley, Drunken Monkey, Paper Crane, and Alaska Roll, with Bob Marley being the best, a side order of Tuna Sashimi that melts in your mouth, and a lychee mojito.  If you’re looking for the BEST quality sushi, this is not not the place, but if you’re looking for good sushi with a good, hip, fun atmosphere, this is the place for you.


I highly recommend a visit to the Pacific Northwest! I wish I had more time to visit and the opportunity to drive down to Portland, Oregon as well. If you love food and the richness of culture of the city as much as I do, you will not be disappointed. The abundance of these make up for the lack of sun and warm weather.


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