Road Trip | Day 6 No Beer, No Food, Just Trees.

Whenever I travel back to the Pacific Northwest, life gets stripped down. My love for beer and food get placed aside. That little campfire inside me that longs to explore turns into a wild brushfire and I am not content until I am engulfed by trees. Once I am there, I don’t want to leave. I feel the pull of nature luring me, seducing me, telling me to stay when I know I have to go. Maybe it’s best that I haven’t gone on a hike alone while I’m here because once immersed in the woods, I might’ve fallen victim to the spell it keeps trying to cast, trying to keep me for itself.

It’s my last night up north. Mat and I leave for California tomorrow morning. I got to explore Vancouver, B.C. today. The lack of daylight has been cutting my explorations short on this trip, never fully reaching my intended final destination, but the journey trying to get there is really what it’s all about. It just means I’ll have to return and try again and make more memories. I mean, what would life be if you got everything right the first time? One of life’s pleasures is experience.

Dear Dog Mountain in North Vancouver,

I will return and get to the top of you next time!

With Love,


By janteziarra

Always Somewhere. Never Nowhere.

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