Road Trip | Day 2 #MJWINGINIT

Although I could barely manage to see my surroundings, every now and then I could see the silhouette of the redwoods towering over me and that alone made me feel safe, protected, and content.

This trip has been full of clouds and rain preventing Mat and I from camping in the redwood forest, but not from exploring a little. We reached the redwoods in total darkness, but catching a glimpse of its silhouette from time to time made me feel at peace.

We attempted to go to Russian River Brewing to get a Pliny. I was mostly hoping to finally try Supplication, but we both didn’t want to wait in line, so we decided to go to Anderson Valley Brewing.

Anderson Valley is located in Boonville, California and are the saints behind creating my favorite beer- The Kimmie, the Yink, and the Holy Gose. A sour, salty, refreshing beer at 4.7% that’s perfect for drinking in the summer heat. They’ve also come out with a Blood Orange Gose that is essentially a beermosa, perfect for breakfast, which I happened to have at 6 a.m. yesterday.

We’re still on the road. I’ll give you a more in-depth post in the future on Anderson Valley Brewing.

I’ve been hashtagging #mjwinginit (Mat + Jante wingin’ it) on Instagram.

Always somewhere. Never nowhere.


By janteziarra

Always Somewhere. Never Nowhere.

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