So Long, West Coast

The scent of Popeye’s fried chicken fills the air on board the plane on my way to Baltimore to fulfill the ticket that started it all: a one-way ticket from Baltimore to Reykjavik for only $178. I’m wondering if I can barter some homemade shortbread cookies for a piece of that chicken. The first leg… Continue reading So Long, West Coast


Road Trip | Day 2 #MJWINGINIT

Although I could barely manage to see my surroundings, every now and then I could see the silhouette of the redwoods towering over me and that alone made me feel safe, protected, and content. This trip has been full of clouds and rain preventing Mat and I from camping in the redwood forest, but not… Continue reading Road Trip | Day 2 #MJWINGINIT

The Final Adventure of The Year| Road Trip

In a few hours, 5 a.m. to be exact, my roommate and I shall load up his Subaru with some camping gear and my cat to and make our way to the redwoods in Humboldt. Good times. Good adventures. Be prepared. The last stretch of 2014 is coming to an end and what better way… Continue reading The Final Adventure of The Year| Road Trip