Maybe It’s Cold Outside

An unexpected duet between Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I’m in love with this take on, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” The switching of gender roles was nicely done. In California, “cold outside” will most likely be the somewhere in the 60s and what better way to warm up than with RAMEN! At 1906 reviews onContinue reading “Maybe It’s Cold Outside”


One thing’s for sure, I love food, but I do not agree with the mass production that is ever-so-present in our food industry.  Although I haven’t been able to go back onto the pescatarian diet I once lived (I fell completely off that boat on a trip to the east coast; In Philly, I neededContinue reading “Consumerism.”

Kniight Riider

Knight Rider? No, not the popular TV show of the 80s featuring David Hasselholf! Forget every association with David Hasselhoff and this image: And remember this one: Kniight Riider is now your new favorite song done by Joey Mireles! Joey recently asked me to shoot a photo for his album art.  Yes, David Hasselhoff ranContinue reading “Kniight Riider”

Impressive, most impressive.

Last night, I was fortunate enough to see the last show of the Foster the People with special guest, Kimbra, tour. It was a sold out show at my favorite venue, The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas! I recommend this venue to anyone who wants to see their favorite artist in an open, more intimate atmosphere.Continue reading “Impressive, most impressive.”

The Build Up.

It has been years that I have run the idea of starting a blog, but the lackluster me never did it.  Here it is!  I shall be highlighting my past, present and future travels and then some! I will start with a piece of my trip to my favorite destination, Iceland, circa fall 2010!  IContinue reading “The Build Up.”