Kniight Riider

Knight Rider? No, not the popular TV show of the 80s featuring David Hasselholf! Forget every association with David Hasselhoff and this image:
Knight Rider

And remember this one:
Kniight Riider is now your new favorite song done by Joey Mireles!

Joey recently asked me to shoot a photo for his album art.  Yes, David Hasselhoff ran through my mind when I was told the song title, but with “Knight” involved, I immediately thought of the Dark Knight.  Hence, the Batman inspired photo.  It’s a feel good, dance-your-ass-off kinda track so I highly recommend you check it out at !

But if is how you feel


Food I shall bring!  I have been way too involved in eating my food, rather than sharing what I’m eating (go figure).  I mentioned the GarlicScapes Food Truck a few posts back, but no pictures.  I like to measure how good food is not only by the satisfaction of the initial flavors from when the food hits  your taste buds, but also by how badly you crave it afterwards. For a good week or two after eating the garlic feta fries, my best friend and I kept wanting it back in our lives.  If you love garlic + feta + fries, this is it!

Garlic Feta Fries

The fries alone are $5, but they also offer a slider combo for $10.

Slider Combo

The sliders are good, but not their strongest point.  I heard their grilled cheese is delicious, but I haven’t been able to try it yet.  It’s on my list! I am definitely still in love with those fries though.

GarlicScapes Food Truck


You can find the GarlicScapes Food Truck in the Orange County area.  It seems their website is still under construction, so here is a link to their twitter GarlicScapes Food Truck . So now you can go on a drive to get some garlic feta fries while listening to Kniight Riider!


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