Iceland, you’ve changed | Day 2

I learned on the first day of this trip to expect the unexpected. It may be cliche, but it’s true. I’m learning quickly how hard it is stay motivated when travelling while battling a cold that just doesn’t seem to want to go away and maybe it’s actually because of travelling that the cold isn’tContinue reading “Iceland, you’ve changed | Day 2”

Back in Iceland | Day 1

After 5 years, I’ve made it back to the land of fire and ice. I sit in Café Mezzo finding myself in a weird juxtaposition looking at Nordic flags outside, but hearing bad country music coming from the speaker above me. I’ve traveled thousands of miles across the sea to the home of Sigur RósContinue reading “Back in Iceland | Day 1”

Inspired by Iceland

Iceland is the one place I visited where I absolutely did not want to go home.  I feel like on almost every trip you’re on, at some point you look forward to going home.  I think I can say that it is the one place I wasn’t ready to leave when my trip was comingContinue reading “Inspired by Iceland”

The Build Up.

It has been years that I have run the idea of starting a blog, but the lackluster me never did it.  Here it is!  I shall be highlighting my past, present and future travels and then some! I will start with a piece of my trip to my favorite destination, Iceland, circa fall 2010!  IContinue reading “The Build Up.”