Inspired by Iceland

Iceland is the one place I visited where I absolutely did not want to go home.  I feel like on almost every trip you’re on, at some point you look forward to going home.  I think I can say that it is the one place I wasn’t ready to leave when my trip was coming to the end.  I wanted to stay.  I sat in a bar in Reykjavik, the scent of waffles in the air, completely dreading going home the next day.  Scent of waffles in a bar?  That’s the quirkiness of Iceland.  A group of people, I assumed were a band because they looked like they were working on music on their MacBook, had a waffle maker at their table.

You can learn a bit about Iceland and even plan your trip on Inspired by Iceland!


By janteziarra

Always Somewhere. Never Nowhere.


  1. “Scent of waffles in a bar” – What a great summation of the quirkiness of Reykjavik. I visited for a week a few months before moving here, and I was so bummed about leaving on my final day that I became a huge grump and said only nasty things to my poor dad all day….even though I knew I was coming back!

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