Travel Through Food

Sometimes I wish I could have the wardrobe of others, but then I realize that I EAT all my money away. The perfect flavors upon my palette bring on a better experience for me to enjoy than the perfect outfit. Maybe if I was frugal enough with my eating habits too, I would have been able to go on another trip by now, only to spend my trip in an awesome place eating anything and everything. Then I realized, when you explore different restaurants and food trucks and anything in between, it’s as if you’re on a mini vacation for that time being.

I live in a state where each food establishment is diverse enough and have their own way of things, their specialties, and when you step foot into that atmosphere, you experience a different culture. In these past few weeks, I’ve been to an Indian restaurant, a Mexican-French cafe, Shabu Shabu, sushi coming around on a conveyor belt, from Korean barbecue to a vegan food truck, a Mexican-Korean food truck, an Italian restaurant specializing in wood fired pizza and a whole lot of in-between. Each bring their own uniqueness, something of their own.

If you can’t afford to travel the world, travel through food. Explore places that are offered to you around your home. After all, aside from physically exploring the views of somewhere new in the world, exploring through food is also top priority. You get to experience the culture better and get a taste firsthand (pun intended). If you’re in Hawaii, your trip isn’t complete without poke or musubi and if you’re in California, you will initially head to In-N-Out, salmon in Washington, crab cakes in Maryland, French fries in France… just kidding! But yes, if you did otherwise, your trip would be left incomplete.

Explore the world through food.

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By janteziarra

Always Somewhere. Never Nowhere.

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