Because Hors d’oeuvre

Currently on Buzzfeed (my biggest distraction, besides eating):

22 Moments When It’s Pretty Clear You Are Obsessed With Food.

6. When people warn you that you’ll “spoil your appetite,” you can see right through that nonsense.

Because anything eaten before your meal is just the first course, right?


14. At dinner when people tell you you have food on your face, and it’s like, “Of course, I am eating.”

Because at that moment, there also happens to be food in my teeth too. So what?

18. You realize your dreams are a bit…different from other people’s.

Like that one time my dream revolved around red velvet cheesecake or a giant mochi ball you had to hold with two hands or a dream of eating the finest sushi in Japan… that I happened to have just the other night!

19. It’s the simple things that make you happy

Pure happiness!


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