Me, Hungry.

21 Signs Being Hungry Is Your Primary Emotion Buzzfeed knows me so well when it comes to food! Because as I am trying to type this post, I’m too distracted by thinking what it is I’m going to eat for breakfast. 4. When you wake up your first thought isn’t, What does this beautiful day have in… Continue reading Me, Hungry.

Because Hors d’oeuvre

Currently on Buzzfeed (my biggest distraction, besides eating): 22 Moments When It’s Pretty Clear You Are Obsessed With Food. 6. When people warn you that you’ll “spoil your appetite,” you can see right through that nonsense. Because anything eaten before your meal is just the first course, right? or 14. At dinner when people tell you you… Continue reading Because Hors d’oeuvre

Mind Blown.

I have been extremely M.I.A., as usual, with blogging, but I never realized I could have the perfect birthday cake until now. Behold, the Sushi Cake: Found on Buzzfeed’s 18 Food Mashups That'll Blow Your Mind. Alongside, the Spaghetti Bread: and the Ramen Crust Pizza? Obviously, I’m more interested in savory versus sweets. However there… Continue reading Mind Blown.