Me, Hungry.

21 Signs Being Hungry Is Your Primary Emotion

Buzzfeed knows me so well when it comes to food! Because as I am trying to type this post, I’m too distracted by thinking what it is I’m going to eat for breakfast.

4. When you wake up your first thought isn’t, What does this beautiful day have in store for me? It’s,What’s for breakfast?

And I’ve definitely found myself thinking what life would be like if we could marry food

15. You’ve considering lobbying for legalized food marriage.

And I’m always doing stuff like this:

18. You do bad things for your hunger, like eating in bed.

Which I will most likely be doing once I make breakfast!

And I’m always saying I cannot afford my hunger because I am

I can usually talk myself out of buying things, but when it comes to food, I struggle (currently working on self-control when it comes to food purchases).
Check out the post on Buzzfeed!

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