Prosciutto on my Mind

To the food I can’t stop thinking about, I got you on my mind- the prosciutto sandwich. I can barely spell prosciutto, constantly double-checking if I need to add or remove a letter, but when it comes to eating it; well, don’t mind if I do! When I first fell for prosciutto, it was whileContinue reading “Prosciutto on my Mind”

Meanwhile, in Tokyo…

Cat Cafe, Asakusa Neko-en, in the Asakusa district in Tokyo, Japan.  The woman who owns this place is a sweetheart and makes me you feel at home.  There are also a couple of ramen shops on the same street.  Not to mention the excellent view of the Tokyo Sky Tree.

Man Can Create Beauty.

Sometimes things are farther than they are appear to be, but it doesn’t mean it’s not within your reach. Because I could see the Tokyo Sky Tree from our hotel in Asakusa, I decided that it was definitely walking distance (which isn’t really the best conclusion when it’s the tallest building in Japan).  I can’tContinue reading “Man Can Create Beauty.”

Always NOM.

I’m the WORST at blogging.  It’s past midnight, deep into the twilight hours & I’ve been feeling inspired today to be productive but life happens & I had to get myself to work.  It was my friends’ birthday today, errr yesterday, errr even more into the past depending on the time zone.  My friend JuneContinue reading “Always NOM.”

In Flight.

On board Singapore Airlines, on a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo. If what the Mayans say is true and we will only make it to twenty-one days this December, I will glad I did make it to Tokyo. Japan, the country of a culture I once obsessed over all throughout high school and thenContinue reading “In Flight.”