Man Can Create Beauty.

Sky Tree Asakusa

Sometimes things are farther than they are appear to be, but it doesn’t mean it’s not within your reach.



Because I could see the Tokyo Sky Tree from our hotel in Asakusa, I decided that it was definitely walking distance (which isn’t really the best conclusion when it’s the tallest building in Japan).  I can’t even remember how long the walk was.  I can only remember the journey: Debating whether or not to hop in a taxi, finding a path across the river, a man shooting photos against the nightscape backdrop, a man walking two pugs, and the exhilaration of the bright structures of the night and the satisfaction of finally reaching your destination, especially through a city  you’ve never been to.  Had I taken the easiest route from point A to B, I would have never experienced the little things that made destination even more worthwhile.

The view of the Sky Tree itself is a beauty, but once you get in it, you can experience a 360 view of Tokyo, including the Tokyo Tower.  If you are a fan of vinegar, there is a delicious vinegary drink in the tower itself.  There are a bunch of shops and restaurants here including the tsukemen place, Rokurinsha, I previously wrote about.  There is also a matcha (green tea) place with really good ice cream!


Although I do not recommend the walk to everyone, I do recommend exploring Asakusa on a visit to Tokyo, especially if you want a bit of a homely vibe on your  trip.  There is a train that can get you right to and from the Sky Tree.  Asakusa brought the illustrations of anime to life and it was also nice to see a sense of community with the obaachans (grandmas) and ojiichans (grandpas) walking and biking around, or just hanging out, and seeing smaller speciality shops opposed to franchised corporations.  It’s just a nice place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but still be right there!


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