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I’m the WORST at blogging.  It’s past midnight, deep into the twilight hours & I’ve been feeling inspired today to be productive but life happens & I had to get myself to work.  It was my friends’ birthday today, errr yesterday, errr even more into the past depending on the time zone.  My friend June is a huge reason why I was finally able to take a trip to Japan, so I figured what better way to integrate more photos from that trip than by acknowledging his birthday!!! WOO.  I hope you ate for me!  We met when he moved to Hawai’i in the third grade & now his twin brother is married to my cousin, so we are practically family!  Happy birthday to the both of you.  We stumbled into the Parco shops in Shibuya & found this neat photo thing, complete with our bags from Uniqlo that was next door.

ImageThere are A LOT of shops here.  I was super excited because there was a Vivienne Westwood shop that I could never or just haven’t stumbled upon in the U.S.  Most importantly, there is a J.S. Burgers Cafe!!! My friend, Meina, recommended it & I fell in love.  I am convinced it is my favorite burger EVER & believe me, I have eaten a lot of burgers… A LOT of food, period, for that matter.


On this trip, I realized I am pretty bad at photographing my food with my Nikon because I am much more interested & TOO distracted by food.  This is the “avocado & raw ham” burger which is pretty much prosciutto.  I was mostly intrigued at the “raw ham” part when I ordered it, but I was extremely satisfied with my decision.  I’m getting hungrier by the minute.  Those are not sweet potato fries, although it may look that way.  Not a fan anyway, but of course, them fries were delicious too! Not to mention their homemade sangria.  My only complaint with the sangria is that it was soooo small! Also, they are very into heineken there for whatever reason.  Highly recommended burger spot if you are ever in Japan.  There are a bunch of locations throughout Tokyo.  Very random being that I was in Japan and Japanese food is my number one, but it is sort of my favorite meal there.  I got my friend June going there often.  They have stamp cards!

Another favorite meal is the tsukemen from Rokurinsha.  Luckily, we made it on a not so busy night.  One location is in the Tokyo Sky Tree.  There is a wait, but is well worth it.


Another not so great photo, but I was hungry!  I had the bright idea to walk to the Tokyo Sky Tree from Minami-senshu because it was visible from there, but believe me, it was quite a walk.  Anyway, this place specializes in the dipping style ramen.  Whenever there is a line for food, you just hope it better be worth the wait & this meal definitely hit the spot.  We were offered bibs, which we both denied then later regretted.  This ramen does require slurping of the noodles and the broth will splash all over you!  The broth is of pork + fish & the noodles are thick, which altogether creates a very satiating moment for your taste buds & your tummy!  Another highly recommended spot indeed!  I may be a bit biased though considering Japan is the utopia for all my favorite food and everything else in between… but mostly FOOD!  Japan for me is like a kid in a candy store.  There will be more food posts.

Since I spoke of the Parco shops, I just wanted to share a neat jacket I saw for those interested in fashion.  Seeing all the current fashion trends in America now, makes me wish I bought more clothes while I was in Japan, but being the foodie and awesome friend/relative/girlfriend that I am, I spent all my money on food and gifts.  Japan is definitely ahead with fashion scene because a lot of the trends I saw there are making its way here now.  But anyway, here is the jacket. Image

I was so intrigued by the display, & the jacket was more of a sculpture to me.  A work of art, indeed.  MORE of Japan or here or there or anywhere to come SOON. Promise.


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