Keepin’ it Raw!

My number one food of choice? SUSHI! Hands down.  When I get sad + stressed, I want sushi, when I’m happy, I want sushi. I could probably eat it all day, everyday, and still be pleased. Last night I was even watching Ramsay’s Best Restaurant on Netflix and told my boyfriend that I would rather eat at just a “good” Japanese restaurant than the “best” of any other because I would still be more satisfied. Too much? Haha

Growing up in Hawai’i, GOOD fish is sooooo easily accessible. I think that is one of the major parts I miss most about Hawai’i. I mean, in the states I would NEVER buy sushi at a grocery store, but you can go into a bunch in Hawai’i and get good fish. I also think it is pretty safe to say that you can get delicious sushi at almost any sushi joint there. Each time I move, I feel like I have to dig and do research to find a sushi spot I enjoy. Since I’ve moved to Orange County, my go to spot is Kaisen Kaiten Sushi in Santa Ana. It’s pretty much Costa Mesa, right across of South Coast Plaza. It’s a conveyor belt sushi place which “kaiten” usually represents. Sushi comes around on the belt with a specific color that symbolizes it’s price. The prices are pretty good, averaging at $2, and I like getting the daily handroll deal. On Thursdays, you can get a softshell crab handroll for only $1.75. I’ve never had softshell crab until that deal because it’s usually one of the more pricier items as far as sushi goes and the only time I get it is if I end up here on a Thursday.

I have been craving sushi (nothing new) and was trying to find a good all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant because I just really wanted to indulge THAT much on sushi. I ended up deciding that I usually eat all I can eat when I go to Kaisen, I’ll have more variety (I won’t have to eat entire 8-piece rolls), and it will still be cheaper.


Albacore, Hamachi, and Ahi sashimi. Plates on plates on plates! This image only shows half the stack of plates. I was waaaay too hungry to take more pictures. I left pretty content and full. Nom nom nom.


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