Man of Steel.

It all started when… Image

I blame this midnight showing for this past week!  I can’t believe it was a week ago that this movie came out.  All this time in between, I feel like, I have been half asleep due to the sleep sacrificed in order to see Superman himself.  Never really been too big on Superman because he seemed a little too cliche, but since the Dark Knight came out last year, Superman it is!  There are a lot of flashbacks.  I enjoyed them a lot and feel like they were done best out of the whole movie.  The cinematography and mood of the flashbacks were very artsy and beautifully done.  Not to mention a bearded Henry Cavill!  General Zod, not so much my favorite villain.  I’ll take the Joker and Bane any day!  Amy Adams, also would not be my first choice for Lois Lane, but hey!  I’m not the one getting the big bucks!  The fight scenes were amazing!  They reminded me of anime- fights were well choreographed, crisp, and swift, and I liked how the environment crumbled if Superman hit the ground or any other structure.  I’ll take all the CGI the world has to offer for those bad ass fight scenes.  After all, he is a man of steel.  Like I said, I have never really been a fan of Superman so I can’t say much as far as his story goes.  With the movie, I was hooked and impressed at the beginning of the movie, had some parts that turned me off, was even disappointed at the end of the movie, but at the end of the day, I would love to see this movie again.  The good parts were great, the bad parts were okay, but it’s Superman!  The Batman series still hold my heart and the Dark Knight will continue hold my standards for other epic superhero movies until another movie takes the cake.  So yes, SEE IT!  I’ll be seeing it again, hopefully.

Mmm… food.  I have barely taken any pictures all week.  That does not mean I did not eat.  There is a local brewery in Fullerton, CA called Bootleggers.  Wednesday nights are trivia and yesterday the  Garlicscapes Food Truck graced us with their presence.  Let me just say, if you are a fan of garlic and fries and just DELICIOUS food… you need the garlic feta fries in your life.  OH MY! $5 bucks and worth every cent!


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