Turning Japanese.

Any given day, a sushi craving would automatically send my boyfriend and I to Kaisen Kaiten Sushi, but this time we decided to stay close and try something new.  Yori Modern Japanese Cuisine just opened in Brea, CA and a couple of my friends recommended the place, giving it a stamp of approval.  I’m always a skeptical when it comes to Japanese food, but after looking over the menu, the lunch special seemed like a good deal so we gave it a shot.  Not to mention, I did enjoy the look of their menu and the design the restaurant. You can get a two item lunch special INCLUDING nine pieces of sashimi and one more item for only $9.50.  Sashimi alone can typically run at that price and I was even afraid that they would charge more if you chose sashimi as one of your items.  I was going to be adventurous with my second item, but decided to stick to my usual tempura since it was first meal at Yori.  I usually like to test out new places with my standard food of choice or their specialty.


The mixed tempura was good, but there was nothing special about the tempura, the batter could have been flakier, however I do prefer their tempura dipping sauce over everywhere else.  It was more dense in flavor and saltier than usual.  I usually end up dipping my tempura in the wasabi/soy sauce concoction that I use for my sushi, but I didn’t really need to with this one.
The sashimi on the other hand, it was GOOD!  For one, it was fresh and good quality.  I was nervous because it was such a bargain.  It’s rare to have sashimi and one more item for that price and have no complaints with the fish.  I’m curious to see if their prices will stay the same once they gain more customers.  Their menu has a lot of items that seems like they are worth exploring.  I recommend this place is you are looking for lower priced, more casual Japanese restaurant in North Orange County area.


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