Yo Quiero Mexico

After so many adventures during winter break, I’m finally tied down- five classes, work and an internship. My trip to Mexico was the most unplanned trip I had ever been on. My friend Kaitlyn couldn’t extend her visa to stay in the states for another semester so is filling the last of her stay here fullContinue reading “Yo Quiero Mexico”

Why Not Climb It? | Day 3 Mount Solmar

“Let’s climb Mt. Solmar,” she said. “Okay,” I say, followed by, “What’s that?” I look at Kaitlyn’s phone and see that it’s that very mountain in the postcard I had just finished writing. We had to missions for the day: Get to the post office to send out our postcards and to climb Mt. Solmar. WeContinue reading “Why Not Climb It? | Day 3 Mount Solmar”

Going Down To Mexico, Gonna Eat A Lot Of Tacos.

Where does saying yes get you? On a flight to Mexico with new friends. We’ve got me, the wanderlusting transplant from Hawai’i; Kaitlyn, the Australian gal who spent her semester abroad in Long Beach; Jasmine, the aspiring sports journalist out of Laguna Beach, and her boyfriend Teddy, the professional skimboarder. All of whom are currentlyContinue reading “Going Down To Mexico, Gonna Eat A Lot Of Tacos.”