Why Not Climb It? | Day 3 Mount Solmar

“Let’s climb Mt. Solmar,” she said.
“Okay,” I say, followed by, “What’s that?”

I look at Kaitlyn’s phone and see that it’s that very mountain in the postcard I had just finished writing.

We had to missions for the day: Get to the post office to send out our postcards and to climb Mt. Solmar.

We successfully found the post office- postcards stamped and dropped into the mailbox. I noticed Tacos Gardenias near the post office, a place I kept hearing had really good fish tacos, so we feast. We started to learn that we were getting full off just the chips and salsas alone so order minimal- ceviche to share and a fish taco each. I was  tempted to add in a shrimp taco, but whatever sickness I was battling was keeping my appetite small. Sigh.

Tacos Gardenia
Tacos Gardenias lived up to it’s rep! The taco pescado (fish taco) was airy, with the right amount of crisp, the ceviche had just enough salt and lime to enhance the blend of shrimp, tomato and avocado.

With our bellies full, we set out on our mission to find the way up Mount Solmar. Follow the marina until the end, then you’ll find a trail going up. If you decide to climb Mount Solmar, go right! We strolled left at first and ended up across of where we wanted to be. Walk to the right of the marina until it ends, you’ll hit a beach and alas, Mount Solmar!

We hiked up barefoot majority of the time which made it easier. Definitely not recommended for the fragile of feet. Once we reached the top, we cheersed our Pacificos and sat overlooking where the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean meet. We made it and it was beautiful. Now the hard part of the hike was getting down.
Top of Mt. Solmar

Divorce Beach

The Path Down

We made our way to the popular tourist destination, Playa del Amor or “Lover’s Beach,” and took in the view. We went for a brief swim and eventually found ourselves aboard a glass bottom boat taxi that was full of men. We didn’t say it out loud to each other while on the boat, but Kaitlyn and I later discussed how we were thinking we maybe made a mistake by getting on the boat. We could have easily been taking elsewhere, against our will. Instead, we met a generous guy who was also visiting Cabo that wanted a picture with us and ended up paying for our taxi fare. 
Sail Home

Some people live in fear but there is no reason to fear what cannot be seen, for sometimes the greatest things lie within the realm of the unknown.

Kaitlyn and I did the entire day on a whim, but it was the greatest of experiences. We met kind-hearted souls along the way that could have turned out bad. While at the top of Mount Solmar, a man offered to take our picture and I skeptically handed him my phone, knowing he could easily run away with it. He took our picture and gave it back. He and his friend were also tourists, visiting from Acapulco. There was also the boat ride that we didn’t have to pay for. We were so ecstatic on how nice people are in a country that people are weary about going to.

Once we descended on the beach, we strolled into a random hotel heated pool and went for a swim. Afterwards, we found a cute little coffee shop that smelled of biscuits. It was a day full of the simpler things in life, something that I live for.

While climbing that mountain, Kaitlyn told me that I gave her hope for when she’s older because I’m still out doing things, going on adventures, living my life. At 21 now, she thought it’d be over over for her when she’s 25. I just turned 27 and I told her this is the first time I have ever looked forward to getting older because there is still so much to do and so much time to do so! Life doesn’t end when you get older, it just gets better.


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