Roskilde Festival, What Day Is it? | Day 17

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Tents everywhere, people everywhere, music everywhere, beer everywhere, piss everywhere. The music hasn’t even begun and won’t begin for 2 more days, yet the fields of Roskilde have been full of people since Saturday. Today is Tuesday. 

Roskilde Festival’s gates opened at 4 p.m. Saturday and it’s a sight to be seen. Once the gates open, people run through like wildebeests in the Lion King to get themselves a camp spot. Each time someone ran past the spectators at the fence, they received cheers and applause from the audience. 

People live freely and primitively during the week long festival and the idea of a shower and soap start to become foreign to you. Many get creative with their food; I spotted someone ready to eat lunch with their bottle of sriracha and can of baked beans. There are places to get food too, pretty good and decently priced, but I’m looking forward to the street food that’ll open up once the music starts at the fest. 

Me? I just showed up, hesitant to work, but it gets you free wristband into the music festival that features Paul McCartney. Seeing a Beatle for free? Why not. I’m looking forward to seeing Father John Misty and First Aid Kit. 

I’m spending so much time in Scandinavia, I’m beginning to think I am one. I just really need to learn the language, even though everyone speaks English. These countries are more easygoing than I’m used to and I’m quite envious that I didn’t grow up here. Kids start going to this festival since they were 16 and parents seem to have more trust in their children here. 

Everyday I’m in disbelief that I am here at the festival, in Denmark, in Europe, so far from my hometown. People I’ve been meeting are in disbelief that I just got to this country and now I’m at this festival. Everyday on this trip so far, I look around and ask myself what the heck am I doing here?! With no regrets and no desire to go back to America. These places are living right. 

Sorry for the lack of photos. I’ve been too involved observing everything through my own eyes. 



By janteziarra

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