When in Denmark | Day 14

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Do as the Danish do. I’ve only been in Denmark for a little over 24 hours, but I’ve already seen so much. 

Took a walk to the beach where you can find the Nordic food lab used for NOMA, the world’s best restaurant, and Sweden across the sea. I learned that when you graduate high school here you get a party truck with your friends and it stops at each parents house with booze and food waiting for you. Saw boys jump into the canal, naked. 

Strolled through Christiania, a hippy commune that started in the 60s that’s exempt from the EU that lies right in the middle of Copenhagen. I’ve never seen so many people rolling joints in my life. It’s nice to see a place where everyone lives so freely, but there is a weird contrast in the Green Light District where people who don’t live there who are probably gangsters sell weed. Other than that, it’s a nice community. 

Copenhagen rules in street food. There’s a pier full of them, but since I already ate sushi, I got rhubarb juice instead and sat on the dock, watching people go pass drinking on boats and kayaking. Got to see NOMA, the beehives they keep outside for their honey, and daydream about eating in there one day. 


Went to the harbor to find more street food with a DJ. Had a bagel sandwich and some beers. Saw the guy from Aqua who says Come on Barbie, let’s go party who now has a food cart after winning Master Chef. The most famous Danish porn star was at his side making burgers. Ninja Warrior was started being filmed once it was over. 

Now I’ve managed to get myself to Roskilde festival, one of Europe’s biggest music festival, for free by volunteering to work 4 shifts. I’ll be here all week. And now I just got into a debate about the Game of Thrones finale while in the visitors lounge and being told about a Game of Thrones party at one of the campsites tomorrow. Hello Denmark. 



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