Goodbye Copenhagen | Day 24

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When people think of the happiest place on earth, I think for many Americans, Disneyland comes to mind. Denmark has been named the happiest country in the world and well the land of Mickey Mouse can’t come close (for me). It was hard to leave Scandinavia when it’s countries all rank in the top 10 happiest countries in the world.


The more I learned about the culture, the more I couldn’t understand the American life. Nothing ever seemed logic to me in the U.S., and there I was in Denmark convinced that I was born in the wrong part of the world. Would it be so hard to use this country as an example on how to take care of its people? Oh, but it would go against everything America is about. The Scandinavian way of life just well, wouldn’t be American.


When a school banned soda and junk food to keep the American youth healthy, parents fought it. In Denmark, it’s not found in schools and unhealthy items are more costly, causing people to eat better. Back home, it would cost me maybe 3 bucks for a bundle of asparagus, but I could get 2 tacos for 99 cents. Why is obesity a problem in America? It’s cheaper to eat bad.


It is free to attend a university in Denmark and students receive a nice allowance while studying. Meanwhile students in America, including myself, are racking up a large debt in student loans and working at the same time, struggling to get by. This allowance is so good that they are able to travel and broaden their world views. People receive vacation time and therefore are able to strengthen relationships with family and friends, while in America we can never find the time.


At Roskilde festival, there were so many times I thought to myself that I should write, but I found myself too involved in observing what seemed like a free world, an extension of Christiania. Sure everyone was peeing everywhere, but everyone also got along in one large-scale community. I witnessed smple acts of kindness that put me in awe because I live in America, like water being handed out to festival goers and a cart being pushed around offering people sunscreen. What is this place?


And if you’re wondering, Roskilde Festival was amazing. Organic beer, lots of diverse food everywhere, a food court full of 75 percent organic food, good music, but it is not recommended for the clean freak, germaphobe type. You smell piss everywhere, lots of piss, porta potties become the norm and what’s a shower?

But yes, America is not a bad place to live, we could just take way better care of our people.


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