My Future Self in Munich | Day 32

There she was, sitting all alone in the largest beer garden in the world, licking her fingers with only a glass of beer and food to keep her company. I watched an old lady having lunch by herself in Hirschgarten, realizing she was mirroring me. I laughed to myself thinking, there’s my future self: foreverContinue reading “My Future Self in Munich | Day 32”

Lost in Leipzig | Day 27

Leipzig is a little town south of Berlin that is full of hidden treasures like my favorite beer, the only reason I ended up here (I’ll get to the beer traveling posts eventually). I started the day with a Polish family and a German friend by using BlaBlaCar from Berlin to Leipzig, met a friend as soonContinue reading “Lost in Leipzig | Day 27”

How’s Berlin? | Day 25

Arriving half-asleep in a city you’ve never been, dropped off in a bus terminal that looks like you could be anywhere in the world when all you can envision in your head is a Berlin Wall covered in graffiti that is nowhere in sight might cause some people to panic. Where is the city? IContinue reading “How’s Berlin? | Day 25”