My Future Self in Munich | Day 32

There she was, sitting all alone in the largest beer garden in the world, licking her fingers with only a glass of beer and food to keep her company. I watched an old lady having lunch by herself in Hirschgarten, realizing she was mirroring me. I laughed to myself thinking, there’s my future self: forever alone with just beer and food, going home to a cat or two or three. That just might be me.

I passed on going to Neuschwanstein, the castle Cinderella’s was modeled after, to spend a lazy Tuesday in Munich. I arrived just the day prior, met the Filipino girl I met in Berlin who acquired another female lone backpacker and immediately went to Dachau to check out the concentration camp. I don’t think I ever want to go to another one in my lifetime; once is enough. How can humans be so cruel especially to each other? I just hope and pray to every higher power that there will never be another time like that, then I worry about what’s going on in Africa and the Middle East.

To bring our moods up, I tagged along on a beer tour this new friend was going on, another beer fan, another American, except from Michigan. Edelstoff, Dunkel, Weissebier, beer beer and beer. Unfortunately we both booked hostels outside of he city and it was getting late so we left the tour before we ever got our last beer and shot of Jäger.

After hours of trial and error, I arrived to my hostel at almost 2 in the morning. I just had to book a hostel in the forest. The nice part about arriving late was that the Australian man at the reception/bar was eager to show me the future of the hostel- they invested in a little brewing machine so they will be the first hostel brewing beer.

Ah Munich. Honestly, I was eager to leave. I think I’d like to return to German cities with friends and just go out drinking. The beer taste real clean and fresh thanks to the German Beer Purity Law. But after so much time spent in cities full of tourists, I couldn’t wait to get to a mountain.


By janteziarra

Always Somewhere. Never Nowhere.

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  1. What was your favourite part of Munich? I am traveling there in October, mostly for Oktoberfest, but if you have any pointers, that would be awesome! Thanks.

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