The Road to Zion

I ask her the question, “How long do you have?”
And with no hesitation, she says, “One week and a half”
I wonder, will she make it wherever she may go?
She listens as I say to her, “You don’t have to be alone”

Leaving LA, Tobias Jesso Jr.

I officially have one week and a half until I leave LA. Ever since I’ve heard this song, I’ve been anxious for the day I could say those words myself and mean it. It’s just been this week that I could finally sit in bed and have no responsibilities except go to work at 3 in the afternoon, which means lots of time to sit and anticipate my trip this summer- backpack Europe!

Last week I took one last trip and went camping at Zion National Park in Utah. Take note and do not visit the park during Memorial Day weekend. It is the busiest time of year and if you’re like me, you like going out to nature to escape the humans. Even though just about every hiking trail was full of people, me and my friends did manage to find our own off beaten path on the Court of the Patriarchs stop. It was beautiful as we watched the sky go from blue to grey and blue again while the sun set.

We did attempt Angel’s Landing, Zion’s most popular hike, on the first day, but quickly got poured on our way up and bailed. This was the coldest, wettest camping trip yet.

 DSC_0076_webandrew2   DSC_0033_webDSC_0014_webDSC_0140_web DSC_0043_web


By janteziarra

Always Somewhere. Never Nowhere.

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