Because I Cannes | Day 44

After a week of unbearable heat and a plethora of mosquitoes bites on my body, an unwanted souvenir I acquired during my week in Italy, I was desperate to get to France. The trip there did not come easy. Failed plans of a rideshare created a day of traveling by train from Monterosso to Cannes on the most uncomfortable train ride yet. There was no air conditioning and at some point, no seats on the longest leg of the commute. No food either. It seemed that the universe wanted to give me more reasons to want to get out of Italy more than I already wanted to. The South of France became my salvation. When the train finally left the Italian border, I was relieved. Even though Italy and France are right next to each other, I felt a huge difference in the air. We passed Nice and Antibes, until finally– Cannes.

I’ve heard that the French are rude, but I’ve only ever come across the nicest people. Here in Cannes, I booked an AirBnb with Eric and Jonas. I fell in love with them while reading reviews and fell in love even more when I met them. Their home is walking distance to the beach and near a cute farmer’s market where I found a variety of homemade salami. Cannes reminded me of being back home in Hawai’i, particularly in Waikiki with the sidewalks full of tourist along the beach and high-fashioned shops right across. The concept seemed official when I came across a spot called “Waikiki” as if the universe sent a sign that it agreed. The ocean here, unlike Italy which felt like a bath, cooled you off in the heat. Everyone here seemed refreshed, rejuvenated and well, happy. I hung out on the beach drinking cheap wine and I, too, was happy.

If I were rich, I’d place a vacation home in this city and spend my days writing on the beach.








By janteziarra

Always Somewhere. Never Nowhere.

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