Wes Anderson’s Milan | Day 42

If you’ve ever dreamed of being in a Wes Anderson film, one way you can realize that dream is by visiting the cafe that Wes Anderson designed himself– Bar Luce. I only spent time in Milan because I found out about this cafe and decided I’d fit it into my itinerary. It’s not very often that I read an article and can conclude that well, I’ll just make a pit stop there in a couple months.

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The cafe is located in Fondazione Prada in Milan, which features a very clean, futuristic design that resembles the setting for a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie. The space provided a cold atmosphere, compared to the warm setting of a Wes Anderson film. I wondered if I was even in the right place. The only indicator of the cafe is the simple three-letter word: Bar, on its exterior. If you didn’t come here looking for this cafe, you would have missed it if you weren’t compelled to grab a drink.

Bar Luce lives up to your Wes Anderson expectations. Everything in the cafe is visually appealing– the food, the menu, the wallpaper, the restrooms. Everything. Although trying to take a symmetrical photo, as you would want to in a Wes Anderson setting, can be difficult. He did design the space to function. I enjoyed a Marocchino and Tiramisu, which I’m now realizing both include cocoa, coffee and dairy. Guess I had a theme going for my Wes Anderson experience.

After leaving Fondazione Prada, I went to the Navigli District, ordered some fried seafood (the best calamari and mediocre other sea creatures), grabbed a cheap bottle of beer, and sat along the canal and watched the sunset, as the buskers across the way played guitar and sang songs out of the 90s. I was also reminded that those friendly Italian mosquitoes were still alive and thriving and still in love with my blood, all night. I had no expectations for Milan, but the night in Navigli District proved to be fun for drinking in the streets and people watching. Even managed to end my night with a slice of pizza. Mmm, pizza.



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