Fall in love in/with Stockholm | Day 12

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I fell in love with Stockholm since I got to the airport and I spotted a pizza restaurant and a sushi restaurant in the corner of my eye as I tried to find the train station to get to the city. And when the the guy that worked for the train looked up directions for me to get to my hotel and even printed me a copy. I fell in love when I could sit on the subway and have some room to breathe. Not feeling rushed or like I’ll get trampled over like I have in other cities. And when it went through the city and I spotted the unique architecture. 

I fell in love when I got a hotel room for one night to regroup, listen to Angus and Julia stone and pretend I was in my apartment again. I fell in love with the city knowing I could walk from Japanese food to craft beer on tap. From what I’ve seen so far, the U.S. reigns the beer world although there are Swedish “piss beers” that are by far, better than all of ours. I fell in love at the supermarket when I saw it had a good variety of Asian AND Mexican food under one roof and cream cheese flavored chips. 

I fell in love knowing I could escape to the forests in the countryside on a train ride. And when I learned about All Man’s Right which means you can pick food and camp just about anywhere in the wild, as long as you’re not invading someone’s space. The land belongs to everyone, the way it should be. I fell in love walking though the city in the rain and with its cobblestone streets. I walked its streets often and am still as intrigued as I was when I first stepped foot on them. 

I’ve been in Europe for nearly 2 weeks now. I’ve been hiding out in Sweden for a week. As far as I can recall, this is the longest I’ve visited any place in a while. I don’t think I’ve gone anywhere in the past year and stayed for more than 5 days and here I am on a train to Copenhagen 3 days later than intended. I finally worked up the courage to leave. 

I fell in love in/with Sweden, just not with salted licorice candy or having to pay to use a toilet, but that’s easily forgiven with Moomin stuff everywhere. 




By janteziarra

Always Somewhere. Never Nowhere.

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