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First post of the year! What better way to start than with an ode to my favorite, FRENCH FRIES!!! (Or freedom fries for whoever thought that could actually be a thing)

My last run with fries in 2013 was with a newer food truck called Porko Rico, the same creators of The Viking Truck.

Behold the Captain Porko Fries:

“Classic crispy french fries with pulled pork, mango coleslaw, pineapple baked beans, and citrus bbq sauce”

My only complaint was that I needed more fries to balance out the the pork/slaw/beans concoction to fries ratio because it was the selling point (for me).  I’m looking forward to trying more dishes from this food truck like the Shipwreck Grilled Cheese and Tostones.

I also ran into the California Grill Truck while enjoying a pint of Knuckle Sandwich at Bootlegger’s Brewery and indulged in their version of

Bulkogi Fries:

“Warm fries doused with gooey melted cheese and topped with bulkogi”  

Something a little more basic for those who don’t want a whole party happening on their fries.  Some tasty bulkogi on some fries to go with a good beer.

Or the vegan Gravy Fries from Seabirds food truck turned kitchen which was paired nicely with a brew from The Bruery.

Gravy Fries
“Natural cut fries, mushroom gravy, fresh chives”

For those who are trying to enjoy fries and not have too much guilt about it. I mean, it’s vegan so these fries are good for you, right?

But to this day, my taste buds stay loyal to the Garlic Feta Fries from GarlicScapes:

Garlic Feta Fries

“Fries tossed in garlic with scape sauce and feta cheese”

Just thinking about these fries always make my mouth water. I love garlic and I love cheese, so I can’t seem to find a more viable combo.
More on GarlicScapes here!

Anyone in the Orange County area have any suggestions? Let me know. I’m always looking for good nomz especially when it revolves around fries! 



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