Movies That Inspire Travel

I came across 23 movies that will make you want to travel on Matador Network.  It included some of my favorite movies: AmélieLost in TranslationThe Darjeeling Limited, and Into the Wild.  Out of that list, Into the Wild was the movie that influenced me most to travel, at least throughout America.  It was a movie that also strongly emphasized gender barriers.  As a woman, I would not be able to hitchhike my way through America the way he did and make it as far as he did.  Nonetheless, on one trip, I drove from Washington to California and eventually found myself pitching a tent in Zion National Park enjoying the mountainous landscapes by myself.  There’s a sense of accomplishment in doing things alone, but the moral of the story for Into the Wild results in,

“Happiness is only real when shared.”- Chris McCandless

Lost in Translation is an easy inspiration for me.  It’s set in Japan!  This movie allows you to explore Japan, culture shock and all, as these characters attempt to find themselves while being in a foreign city.

One movie that was not on the list, that I feel should, is Midnight in Paris.  Not only will it make you want to walk the streets of Paris in the rain, but also make you wish you could travel back in time.  For those who daydream about traveling to Paris, especially during the Roaring Twenties, this is for you.

Then there’s one that isn’t a movie, but a documentary, Heima.  The band Sigur Ros plays free, unannounced concerts throughout Iceland, revealing its mesmerizing landscapes throughout the country.  Watch it for beautiful music and a tour of Iceland.

What movies have you made you want to travel?


By janteziarra

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  1. This is going back a bit, but I loved the movies Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources, filmed in southern France. Stunning! They definitely made me want to explore that part of France.

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