Cronut, Beachside

I made a rare, Saturday morning drive to Huntington Beach.  Clouds hovered over my apartment, but the closer we got to the beach, the brighter the sun shone through. I was craving a bagel sandwich from The Donuttery; my heart was set on a lox bagel.  I decided I wanted to enjoy my food on the beach, but with already a half an hour drive to The Donuttery, I needed to eat there.  The small shop was filled with a line to the door, which was almost a relief because I thought that line would give me time to decide on a donut.  Before you knew it, I was at the front of the line.  I immediately knew I wanted the Goldie Lox bagel smoked salmon, tomato, red onion, cream cheese, capers and lemon pepper, but the choice of donuts were vast, I couldn’t decide what direction to go with donuts ranging from pumpkin, red velvet, maple bacon bar, and wait, a cronut?

The cronut, the item that was continuously in the food press this year after debuting in New York City.  The cronut, the union of a croissant and donut.  It wasn’t the original, but I had to try it.  I opted for the glazed cronut.  I decided to save it for the beach to enjoy with coffee and the calming backdrop, as I immediately devoured my bagel.  Satisfaction.

I arrived at the beach, anxious to try this newfound pastry.  The outside of the cronut was crusted in a sugary glaze, like a donut, while the inside was flaky and could be pulled apart in layers, traits of the croissant.  I’ll usually choose a croissant over a donut to avoid such a sweet indulgence, so the croissant characteristics brought to the donut created a perfect balance.  Not to mention the joy in now being able to peel apart a donut.

I took in the beautiful scenery as I alternated between sipping my coffee and eating my cronut. It’s these rare moments that make me completely appreciate living in southern California.  A morning spent with good eats, fresh ocean air, perfect weather and my boy to share the experience with.

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