UX Writing for Klarna


Help people add their digital card to Apple Wallet at the end of a card creation flow so they can use it

Make the next steps clear and actionable and add support with a “How it works” page

How I helped

  • Collaborate with the designer using existing insights
  • Created new copy to test what info to present and how to show it
  • Linked to and created a “How it works” page to support people who made it this far, but might still be unsure of what happens next

This is a success screen after a series of steps needed to create a digital card to pay in-store. Although users made it to this point, they left at this point and never used the card. After running AB tests, variations I wrote outperformed the original.


Write consistent product copy that helps users and reflects Klarna’s voice

Create guidelines for everyone who needs to write in-product copy at Klarna

How I helped

  • Lead the creation and maintenance of the Klarna style guide and glossary
  • Launched the style guide on design.klarna.net

The guidelines were built from workshops and research with the UX writing team and any relevant experts.

Reach out if you’d like to see more work

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