UX Writing for Happo


People couldn’t log in to their account because they weren’t getting the email or didn’t know they needed to verify their account

Clarified what the user should do next and gave them ways to problem solve

How I helped

  • Researched the user flow to find how we could help
  • Collaborated with Product Owner to add more solutions
  • Wrote helpful copy

The original copy made it hard to know what your next step should be. There was also no way to move forward from that screen.

In my version, I made it clear that you should check your email to verify your account and listed ways to get the verification email if they didn’t get it. After this change, we saw a big decrease in customer support cases for this.



Happo wanted to increase their users through digital marketing, but the website lacked substantial content


Create a website with useful information about Happo to help people sign up

How I helped

  • Redesigned the website 
  • Wrote all content and made sure it was SEO friendly 
  • Collaborate with managing director, front-end developer, and digital sales specialist to align on vision and goals

The version I designed and wrote helped the user get a general idea of what they can do with Happo by skimming the page.

Reach out if you’d like to see more work

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