UX Writing for Epidemic Sound


Help people understand why they need to complete steps in the signup flow

Simplify the language and choices

How I helped

  • Collaborated with designers & product managers to understand the problem we’re solving
  • Created new copy for testing based on research

The original version had two parts to it, choosing a subscription and adding channels. In my version, I removed the subscription choice and informed people why they needed to add channels in plain language.

We offer people 1 month free, but in this final step, it’s called payment. It’s no surprise a lot of people left this page.

I emphasized positive words – they have 1 free month and avoided using the word payment, something that can feel negative when wanting to try out a product. I also let users know when to cancel so they wouldn’t get charged, to build trust with our users. More people signed up and we expect an increase of 1,600 more monthly signups.


The original version was too long for something simple. I changed the copy to be clear and concise and added a fun tone, since this is directed to people in the YouTube community. I also added titles to different sections so people could understand what they are.

Reach out if you’d like to see more work

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